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“Energy Savings Insurance and the new ASTM BEPA Standard”

Sponsored by Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, Inc. (SRS)
Presented by Anthony J. Buonicore, P.E.
Chairman of the ASTM Building Energy Performance Task Group

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Presented On: November 10, 2011, 1:00 PM
Presentation: 1 Hour
Q & A: 30 Minutes

Please replay our November 10th 1:00 PM EST Webinar: Energy Savings Insurance and the new ASTM BEPA Standard. Discover how a new energy savings insurance (ESI) policy can reduce the risk of underperformance from energy efficiency retrofits. This webinar will show how BEPA standard assessed projects that include ESI can simplify the energy retrofit financing process.

Presented by: Anthony Buonicore, Chairman of the ASTM E2797-11 Building Energy Performance Assessment (BEPA) Task Group

Who should listen?

ESCOs, looking to:

  • strengthen your energy savings performance guarantee
  • an alternative to the company’s balance sheet to back energy performance guarantees
  • participate in a PACE loan programs or retrofits that require an insured solution for the energy savings guarantee

Energy Auditors, looking to:

  • offer clients a meaningful energy savings guarantee as a competitive advantage
  • learn how to establish baseline energy use and evaluate performance after energy conservation measures are installed consistent with IPMVP protocol
  • address client concerns about energy savings projections that might not be realized

Building Owners, looking for

  • a financially strong 3rd party guarantee to stand behind an energy savings guarantee
  • a 3rd party review of recommended energy conservation measures
  • a low interest loan to install energy conservation measures

Lenders, looking to:

  • secure the value of an energy efficiency loan
  • minimize risk associated with energy cost savings that might not be realized after installation of energy conservation measures
  • independent 3rd party input with respect to energy loan due diligence

Key Topics

  • Rationale supporting the need for ESI
  • ESI policies
  • Benefits of ESI
  • The market for ESI
  • Holes in the energy audit process and how the new ASTM BEPA standard fills these holes
  • How the new ASTM BEPA Standard brings credibility to ESI guarantees
  • Using the ASTM BEPA Standard for ECM performance evaluation under ESI policies
  • The "energy cost savings" conundrum

    Presented by:
    Anthony J. Buonicore, P.E., BCEE, QEP
    Managing Director, Buonicore Partners, LLC
    Chairman, ASTM Building Energy Performance Assessment Task Group


    Brian J. McCarter
    Chairman & CEO, Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, Inc. (SRS)


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