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Green Buildings

Who Pays For Green? The Economics of Sustainable Buildings
Development of a greener building is likely to add between 5-7% to construction costs...green buildings attact higher rents than conventional ones, and also enjoy higher rates of rental growth.

Managing the Risks & Embracing the Benefits of Going Green
Architects and other LEED certified professionals may well find this thorough paper and its appendices of great interest. The link to the original white paper is provided with the permission of the AIA trust.

Sustainable Buildings Rating Systems Summary
The market place of the design and construction of high performance buildings is dynamic and evolving. Professionals throughout the building industry use assessment rating systems to evaluate and differentiate their product or design. GSA is a significant participant in the building industry and it is critical for GSA to evaluate the performance of projects.

The Greening of U.S. Investment Real Estate -
Market Fundamentals, Propsects and Opportunities

With global warming suddenly emerging as a mainstream policy concern, businesses are discovering that “sustainability” is rapidly transforming from a fringe “feel-good” issue into an exigent agenda item requiring focused, top-level action. The past year has seen companies across a wide range of industries virtually race to adopt and implement environmental policies, as market forces compelling action outpace regulatory requirements.

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