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10 Tips for Operating Buildings More Efficiently
Source: GreenBiz.com, June 17, 2010
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PACEworx™ News Article Recap:
Here are 10 ways to make your buildings operate more efficiently and more cost effectively.

The tips are part of a series of resources Johnson Controls Inc., Milwaukee, WI, provides on its new microsite www.MakeYourBuildingWork.com.

1. Practice smart scheduling. Install programmable building controls that enable systems to provide light, heat and cooling to building spaces merely when they are occupied.

2. Train your facilities staff on new technology and best practices to improve your building’s operational efficiency.

3. Use daylight to help light your interior spaces.

4. Water conservation.

5. Work with green suppliers.

6. Create dashboards to gauge efficiency. Create management and tenant dashboards that display necessary data of energy usage, estimated greenhouse gas emissions, building comparisons, and more to improve operating decisions and energy awareness.

7. Use more energy-efficient equipment. Install new energy-efficient equipment and replace or eliminate outdated, inefficient equipment. Look for ENERGY STAR labels for equipment and appliances.

8. Maintain equipment for maximum efficiency.

9. Put energy management software to work. Utilize energy management software to reduce energy costs through improved energy efficiency and energy management.

10. Measure and manage your carbon footprint.

Carbon Offsets:No
Green Building:No
Energy Technology:
    HVAC Technologies
   Energy Conservation
   General Energy Management Technologies


Johnson Controls Inc.


PACEworx News Published Date: June 18, 2010
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